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4 Things to Look for in an HVAC Contractor in 2021

Posted on December 10, 2020 by admin

Your home is your castle. And you want to make sure that your home is as comfortable as it can be, which means finding the right HVAC system and the right HVAC contractor. There are plenty out there who are looking for your business, so how do you find the right one?

Below we will look at five things that you can use to help you find the right HVAC contractor for you.

Licensing & Experience

Your home’s HVAC system is probably it’s most expensive piece of equipment. When you choose a company to service it, you want to make sure the employee has the right training. Depending on where you live, the requirements for a license will be different.  Check out the requirements in your area and make sure that any company you choose has that.

You also want to make sure that the contractor you choose has experience. Even though having many years of experience isn’t going to guarantee they’ll do the job right, the fact they’re stable shows they’re doing the job right.

You also want to ask if they carry the top brands. You also want to know the training that the technicians have with the brands, since each manufacturer/system’s unique.

Home Evaluation

When you are looking for someone to install your HVAC, any contractor you choose should offer to evaluate your home. This will help with determining the best solution for you. Below are the factors to consider:

  • Square footage
  • Insulation’s R-value
  • The number of windows & the way the windows face

A contractor also should inspect your duct system for loose segments, insulation, and leaks. Your new system’s sizing shouldn’t be done based on just your square footage. They should feed calculations into software from the industry.

After the evaluation’s done, your contractor should give an itemized estimate in writing so that you’re able to compare energy efficiency, costs, and warranties among your proposals. You shouldn’t just go for the lowest price.

References & Referrals

You should always ask for referrals and references and get in touch with them. Ask the following things:

  • Were jobs done on time?
  • Were jobs done within budget?
  • Did they perform clean installations?
  • Did they respect property?
  • Was the system tested after installation to make sure it was as efficient as possible?

When you’re looking for referrals, ask co-workers, neighbors, and friends. They are likely to be the best people to ask and give you the most honest answers.


This is very important. When you are looking to upgrade your system, you’ll want to find the one that’s most efficient in your budget. Ask your contractor about models that are rated Energy Star. This is the program from the government that measures how efficient a system is.

Yes, there’s a good chance that you will spend more money on a more efficient system. However, since you will spend less money each month keeping your home comfortable, whether it’s in the winter or the summer, everything balances out, and you may find that you’re seeing the money back in savings. An efficient system is also going to last longer than one that isn’t efficient since it won’t have to work as hard, so that’s also something to consider.

When you are looking for the right person to put in your heating and cooling system, these are the things to consider. Although the one that is the cheapest may look like it’s the choice for you, the truth is that you may end u paying more down the road. Yes, you may pay more upfront. But you also have better peace of mind with the more expensive one.

Knowing that you have found an HVAC contractor on whom you can count is worth its weight in gold. Because when you are shivering because your heater stopped working or boiling because your AC is on the fritz, you want to be able to call your contractor and have them say, “I’m on my way!”

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