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5 Tips For Preparing Your HVAC For A Snowstorm

Posted on January 5, 2021 by admin

Weather is unpredictable, especially in the winter. When snow’s on the way, you can never be sure if it’ll be a drizzle or a full-blown snowstorm. Either way, preparing for the worst-case scenario when it comes to your home’s heating is best.

Everyone knows proper maintenance is vital to prolonging the life of any machine, and your home’s HVAC is no exception.

So, it’s worth performing some preventative steps to help it survive even the most ferocious snowstorm and keep your surroundings warm!

Take a look below to find out how to keep your HVAC in top working condition to save yourself any freezing days or costly repairs.

Perform regular check-ups

While it’s worth taking a look at your HVAC yourself, there are faults that only a professional will be able to see – and fix properly, for that matter. So, it might be best to hire a professional now rather than spending large amounts on repairs later.

Before the maintenance professional arrives, it’s best to check for any tell-tale signs of potential issues. This includes but is not limited to unusual odors, abnormal noises, and leaks in the ductwork. You can optimize your technician’s time spent on your HVAC if you point him in the right direction.

Inspect and reinforce insulation

When it’s frigid outside, your HVAC has to work that bit harder to keep your home. To avoid any undue strain, it’s best to ease any unnecessary pressure on its engine. Check for any drafts, cracked open windows, or failing doorframes that might be letting the cold slip in.

It’s also well worth checking your attic’s insulations for any weak spots. Once you’ve pinpointed the compromised areas of your home, you can get to work covering them up.

Keep vents clear

During winter or cold periods, your HVAC is working on overdrive. Due to this uptick in activity, vents start to clog up faster and can easily become blocked. Moreover, we tend to forget about our home’s vents and could easily have thrown a jumper or rug over the top of it.

These obstructions can limit airflow, which makes it difficult to reach the desired temperature. So, when the weather is at its worst, you should make sure that all your vents are uncovered, clear, and well able to breathe.

Have extra filters on-hand

When the snow starts to fall, you should already have your HVAC’s filters changed with another few at the ready. Naturally, as your HVAC kicks into action, its filter will start to fill up faster. So, you’ll want to have a brand new one in place that’s ready to take on the storm.

Clear your heat pumps

The heat pump is an often-neglected component of the HVAC despite its central role in its proper functioning. The heat pump is tasked with heat transfer, meaning without it, your home will simply not warm up.

However, when the heat is transferred effectively, the furnace can blow warm air into your house’s interior, making for a cozy environment. Under heavy snow, heat pumps can become blocked and start to malfunction. To prevent this from happening, be sure to remove any debris from the heat pump before the snowstorm hits.

It’s also good practice to shovel away any impacted or thick layers of snow if they build up during heavy snowfall.

And there you have it. Keeping your HVAC in working order doesn’t have to mean forking out cash or needless stress. Keeping an eye on how it’s performing and regularly carrying out the steps mentioned above should help you and your HVAC weather any storm.

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