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Posted on March 15, 2021 by admin

How to Prepare Your HVAC for Stormy Weather?

“Preparing the HVAC system for storms helps reduce the chances of damage while maintaining indoor air quality to keep family members comfortable indoors.”

Storms do not just bring wind and rain. They also produce power failures that can leave you without the relaxation of your air conditioning and other electronic gadgets. Storm damage to your HVAC system can produce long-term difficulties, so it’s important to prevent them immediately.


To save your pockets, here are a few tips about how to begin preparing by keeping your HVAC system secure from poor weather destruction.

  • Install a surge Protector

Lightning during a storm can be devastating for the HVAC unit or any electronic gadget. Contact your local power company for options. Since the strength of these strikes is unexpected, you must suspect that any surge might be the one that knocks out your circuits. Once you’ve installed a surge protector, it’s going to take a hit, so your AC does not really! Protect your investment and your convenience by installing a surge protector.

  • Turn off the system

Many people do not even think of taking this safety measure during the storm season, but turning off the HVAC before the storm is a key to preventing any damage or harm to your unit.

The surge protector will surely help in the case of lightning strikes, but it is not 100% reliable to minimize potential damage. Switch off your HVAC system and disconnect all your appliances and electronic devices to make it even secure.


Regular HVAC inspections could save you money and discomfort in several ways, and they can also better prepare your system for devastating storms.  If anything is wrong with your unit, even mild storms could make the situation miserable. An inspection will catch up early and ultimately make your unit operate as effectively as possible. Obtaining an inspection will provide you the explanations that if your system is ready to deal with stormy weather.

  • Shielding outdoor equipment

Whenever the wind is blowing, and the rain is swirling, it’s very normal for equipment and machines to be thrown around, so please ensure you safeguard anything that isn’t fixed to the ground or try to find room for tables, chairs, or umbrellas in a storage shed. Flying particles can cause damage to AC units. There’s really nothing you can do about tree branches or things that come flying over your wall from other people’s gardens, but fitting a barrier can help protect your unit.

  • Keep a backup generator in place

Power failures can create massive chaos in your daily activities, especially if extreme storms cause it to run out for a longer time. Keep a backup generator in your home to lessen the effects of power failure.

There are a few options for generators. The first is a portable generator that will give you sufficient power for your home’s important things. And there are permanent generators which provide sufficient power to back up your whole house.

With both options, it is essential to keep the generator away from the confined spaces.  

In order to prepare your HVAC systems for any severe storm, please ensure to prepare your household with all the essential living necessities to keep you and your family members safe and secure, such as gallons of clean drinking water, medical kits, wipes, and flashlights.

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