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6 Benefits of a Whole Home Lennox humidifier

Posted on November 2, 2020 by admin

The cold weather is coming, and it may even be here for parts of the country. If  you are already running your heater to keep you and your family warm, chances  are that you are noticing how dry your air inside your home is. That’s why a lot of  people invest in a whole home Lennox humidifier. If you don’t already have a  humidifier in your home, you may think that it’s best to just deal with the dry air  because it can be expensive. However, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a good  idea to have a whole home Lennox humidifier.  

Can Help Snoring Prevention 

A lot of people breath through their mouths, and this can make your mouth dry and  cause snoring. But if you use a humidifier, this will add some moisture to your air.  This will create a better scenario which can help with soothing the tissue in your  throat. This will help you with sleeping more comfortably and may even cut down  on snoring. In addition, when you run the humidifier during the day, it can help  keep your throat moist and prevent irritation that often is associated with having a  snoring problem. Not only that, but you can get much better sleep! 

Dry Skin Prevention 

Because most of your body’s made up of water, the dry conditions could pull the  moisture out and cause chapped lips, bloodshot eyes and dry skin. Since you’re  running your heater, there is a lot of dryness in the air. Having a humidifier  running in your house can put moisture back into the air and prevent your skin  from becoming dried out. The extra moisture that’s in your home’s air may help  with improving your itchy or dry skin, chapped or peeling lips and irritated, dry  eyes. 

Your Home May Feel Warmer  

When it’s summertime, when do you feel worse? When it’s humid and hot out,  right? The same thing goes for when you have a humidifier. There’s going to be  more water in your air, which means that sweat will evaporate much more slowly  so that you feel warmer. If you add a humidifier to your home, you may find that 

you aren’t spending as much money on heating since you can turn down your  thermostat.  

Allergies May be Less 

The humidifiers that are out on the market today may help with alleviating the  problems associated with allergies. Even though humidifiers in the past might have  gone overboard with the humidity, which often would spread things like dust  mites, the newer models have lower levels which aren’t going to create  environments that the unwelcome guests like. People with allergies often find that  they’re more comfortable with extra humidity since it helps with soothing the  tissue in their nasal passages and throat. 

Helps to Prevent Static 

Something that you often discover during the winter months is that there is a lot  more static electricity. This is often annoying when it comes to doing your laundry  or dealing with flyaway frizzy hair. Not only that, but a buildup of static can cause  damage to sensitive electronics, along with creating sparks which could cause even  more problems. Air that is properly humidified can limit and even prevent the  majority of the problems that static can cause. 

Prevents the Damage to Your Wood 

Did you know that dry air might damage your wooden furniture? It’s true. It can  dry it out so that it may crack. It can also loosen the joints in your wooden floor.  Doors that are made of wooed often change in their size, which can make them  hard to close and open. The arms and legs on wooden chairs might start wobbling  as their joints begin to loosen. The reason for this is because wood will need a  constant amount of moisture so that it can be at its very best. When you use a  humidifier the right way, it can ensure that your home’s wooden features and your  furniture will be at their best. 

As you can see, there are at least 6 good reasons to choose a whole home Lennox  humidifier. Over time, the humidifier might even pay for itself with the money that you are going to save with not having to keep your thermostat as high as you are  right now. A humidifier can make a huge difference for you and your family, and it  may make the cold weather months a lot more bearable.

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