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Posted on July 24, 2015 by Chris Lancaster

At Lancaster Brothers We Strive To Give All Of Our Customers A Positive Experience:

Here is feedback from one of our customers during this hot spell.

Hi Chris.  I wanted to tell you about my experience with your company.  Last night about 6:30, we noticed our AC was not cooling or blowing much air.  I called the emergency line and got ahold of Kevin.  He asked us to look to see  if the unit was blowing, etc.  We were getting minimal air to come in the and heat was rising.  He told me he was in Blue Springs and I told him that I hated for him to drive all the way to South Olathe at that time of night and that we could just limp along.  To be honest, I thought that I might need a pay advance to pay for emergency services, so I thought I better wait.  He immediately told me that an emergency call was only $165.00  (you could charge way more) and a regular call was only $125.00.  That is so reasonable.  I still told him I hated for him to drive that far.  He told me “ I would rather come and check on it tonight, besides, that is what we are here for “.  He came and fixed it and was so professional and nice.  We have had construction/remodeling in our basement and concrete dust had restricted and cause the unit to freeze up.  My bill was still $165.00.


You guys run a TOP NOTCH business and I appreciate it so much!!  Just thought I would let you know

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