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Benefits of Being a Maintenance Customer

Posted on June 14, 2020 by admin

Are you aware of the benefits of yearly HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) maintenance? It keeps your heat and air conditioning running properly and efficiently, reducing the chance of system breakdowns and saving you money.  Our company extremely encourages our customers to become maintenance customers. The advantages of such an agreement with Lancaster Brothers Heating & Cooling are listed below.

Savings: You save money in a lot of ways with a yearly maintenance contract. Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system in good working order so that you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly emergency repairs. You avoid paying after hour’s fees if your system breaks down in the middle of the night, and your energy costs are lower when your system is running more efficiently.

Convenience: It’s easy to forget about your furnace or air conditioner until something goes wrong. When you become maintenance customers with us, your maintenance happens automatically. Your chances of HVAC breakdowns are virtually eliminated. We will email you when the time for maintenance comes around for your units.

A longer lasting system: You’ll get more years of operation out of your furnace and air conditioner when they are well maintained throughout their lifetime. Dirt, wear and tear, lack of lubrication, and other problems cause your HVAC system to work harder or improperly, which eventually leads to early system failure.

Discounts: We provide all kinds of discounts and percentages off to our loyal customers. You will be getting a 10% discount on repairs We really take pride in giving you the best deals because of your consistent support of our company!

To summarize, we keep your system in tip-top shape, you get a 10% discount on repairs, and most importantly you’ll also get priority service.

Here at Lancaster Brothers, we recommend Lennox Systems for their quality and efficiency. We make taking care of your Air Conditioning needs as easy as possible. Schedule a replacement or service over the phone or by email for your convenience. If you would like to take advantage of all of the benefits, become a member of the club! Request a Service online or call us today at (913) 648-9442!

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