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Get a Head Start: Furnace Tune-Ups Now for a More Comfortable Winter Later

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Chris Lancaster

It might still be summer, with days full of abundant sunshine and perfect temperatures, but the chill of late autumn isn’t as far off as it seems. The cold weather hits quickly, without warning, so make sure your furnace system is prepped and ready for the job. They say the early bird gets the worm, and that definitely rings true in this instance. Here are a few perks to servicing your furnace now rather than later.

Early Fall Heating ServiceFewer Complications

Don’t put yourself at risk for experiencing complications with your system by forgoing furnace maintenance like tune-ups until late in the season. Scheduling an appointment now will save you the hassle of having to compete with other customers for the most desirable time and date. It will also alleviate many symptoms homeowners experience the first time they turn their furnace on in almost half a year. Skip issues like uneven temperatures, that musty burning smell, loud growling noises, and more. A furnace tune-up will fine tune your system so cold season is stress-free, cozy, and a breeze.

Skip the Wait for Service

Beat the mad rush and book now. Calling Lancaster Brothers Heating & Cooling for furnace service this early in the season will give you an advantage in scheduling service when YOU want it. Most Kansas City area homeowners wait until well into fall to schedule a furnace tune-up, and by then it’s harder for us to accommodate all of our customers’ schedules.

Fulfill Your Warranty Requirements

Skimping on maintenance can be bad news for your system warranties. Most systems come with warranties – but they come with a catch. They typically require a certain number of maintenance appointments to be fulfilled and kept up to date and valid. Regular tune-ups satisfy any warranty requirements on parts. Keeping your system well tuned can set you up to save more when your system finally does decide to stop working, too. If the parts that fail are still under warranty, you’ll probably end up getting it fixed for very little or even for free. And don’t forget safety. A furnace tune-up will also ensure that no deadly carbon monoxide gas is leaking from your furnace, keeping your family and home safe all year round.

At Lancaster Brother’s Heating & Cooling, we’re ready to help you get your furnace prepped for the cooler season. Call us today at 913-837-2000 to schedule your early season furnace tune-up now.

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