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Fast and Affordable Ways to Landscape around Your Air Conditioner

Posted on April 13, 2018 by Chris Lancaster

Your air conditioner is a vital component when it comes to your comfort in the summertime. But, let’s face it. It’s not the most attractive piece of equipment in your lawn. If your air conditioner is sticking out like a sore thumb, there are ways to help it blend into your landscaping better and they don’t have to cost you a fortune. The team at Lancaster Brothers has put together these great ideas from Pinterest to help you beautify your yard and keep your AC functioning at its best.

One Important Safety Rule for Outdoor ACs

First, there are some rules to follow to make sure you don’t hinder your unit’s ability to function efficiently. In order for your AC unit to effectively transfer air, it needs at least 36 inches of space around it. If you decide to camouflage your unit with plants, make sure to leave at least one foot around your air conditioner in all directions so it is able to easily draw air from the outside to stay cool. This is also important so that it is easily accessible for service. If you build a fence or lattice to hide it, make sure to leave plenty of room between it and your outdoor unit.

Tall Grasses Hide AC

This homeowner used tall grasses and flowering bushes to hide the unit from view. This is the easiest way to improve your yard. While it doesn’t hide your air conditioner completely, it does help it blend into the landscape better and keeps it from standing out like a sore thumb.





Shutters Hide ACNo building skills? Don’t worry. Simple shutters make a much better impression than your metal air conditioner. Plus, they are easy to remove so you can take them inside for storage during the winter and repaint them in the comfort of your own home when necessary.







Lattice Fence Hide ACA simple lattice fence perfectly breaks up the view. Tropical looking plants grow tall while ivys and hostas make great companions to cover the lower area. Where is that AC unit again?








Landscaping Hide ACDon’t be afraid to expand your landscape footprint away from the foundation. More landscaping is never a bad addition to your yard. Small trees can even provide shade for your unit helping it to run more efficiently in the heat of summer. If you have the budget, go bigger!


Best Plants to Hide Your Air Conditioner

Tall, stand-alone plants are great. Tall grasses come in many varieties and heights and if you don’t cut them down in the fall, they will provide a natural screen all winter. Flowering bushes like hydrangeas, roses, and rose of Sharons are all tall enough for great coverage. Vine type plants work well if you build a trellis or something they can climb on. Try roses, clematis, sweet pea, morning glory, and trumpet vine. Just pay attention to how much sun/shade the area gets when choosing your plants. Small, ornamental trees can also be useful for shading your air conditioner.

Have You Checked to Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Works?

LennoxThe summer heat is on its way! Before your air conditioner lets you down, make sure to consider if your air conditioner is too old to last. Stay cool this summer with a Lennox Home Comfort System. Be sure to check out check out these great deals from Lennox that will save you money.

Good luck with your landscaping endeavors this season. Remember, if you need any help with your air conditioner, inside or outside, give the friendly technicians at Lancaster Brothers Heating and Cooling a call at (913) 851-3399 or contact us online.

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