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7 Things to Prep for Predicted Winter Storms

Posted on February 6, 2018 by Chris Lancaster

Winter Storm PrepWhile lots of snow can be pretty, winter storms can also bring ice and wind that can take down power lines for hours and sometimes days. When roads are ice or snow covered, you may not be able to get your car out. Think about your home with no electricity – no heat, no light, no water. Be prepared by keeping these items handy at all times during the winter season.

1. Fireplace

If you have a gas fireplace, make sure it’s maintained and ready to go. Luckily, nowadays many gas fireplaces in new homes do not require electricity to operate during a power outage. Before the storm hits, make sure to contact your installing contractor and see if it’s operable without electricity, which is very helpful in an emergency. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure you have wood for fuel.

2. Warm Blankets

Another good thing to have on hand when the power fades are lots of warm blankets. Without the heat, your home can get pretty cold during a blizzard or winter ice storm. Be sure to keep cozy and gather everyone in the same room to generate heat.

3. Clean Water

One of the most important things to have on hand when the power goes out is fresh water for drinking. A rule of thumb is to have one gallon per person per day stashed away. Your body needs to be hydrated during a stressful time like a power outage.

4. A Flashlight

Also, make sure you’re able to see and get around your house. Blizzards and ice storms can make it difficult for the sun to brighten up the earth, and no power at night can cause some real problems. Have several operating flashlights on hand so you can see what’s going on in your home. Candles are another option, but they are more dangerous because of their ability to start a fire. The last thing you need is a disaster during an emergency.

5. Food

Have on hand a three-day supply of non-perishable food. Here are some great options:

Peanut butter
Trail mix
Power/granola bars
Dried fruit
Canned meat (tuna, salmon, chicken, and turkey)
Canned vegetables (beans, carrots, and peas)
Canned soup/chili
Sports drinks
Powdered milk

Don’t forget a manual can opener and a few utensils and napkins

6. First-Aid Kit

Pick up a first-aid kit to keep on hand with the basics just in case.

7. Entertainment

Life without TV or cell phones can seem extremely boring. Keep books, games, puzzles or other activities handy for the kids.

While snow and ice storms don’t come often, Kansas City has seen its share. You never know when Mother Nature will throw us a curve, so be prepared to live without electricity for a day or two if necessary.

Be Prepared with a Lennox Home Comfort System

LennoxIf you think your current heating system is too old and you are worried about staying warm in a bitter winter storm, you’ll need a new furnace. We recommend a Lennox Home Comfort System for its high quality and energy efficiency. Interested? Call us and we’ll fill you in on the great deals going on with Lennox.

If you need help with your furnace in the meantime, just remember the team at Lancaster Brothers is standing by. Call us at (913) 851-3399 or contact us online for help.

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