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Signs it’s time to upgrade your home heating unit

Posted on October 12, 2020 by admin

The heating unit in your home is essentially part of the family. It keeps you and your loved ones cozy and comfortable when the temperatures outside start to drop. Once it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to or starts to cost you a ton of money, it may be time for a replacement. Here are four sure signs that your heating unit just isn’t doing it anymore, and you need an upgrade.

Your heating unit has become a band percussion section.

Has your heating unit started to creak and squeak? Does it make worrisome rumbles, booms, or clanks? Do you jump each time your heating unit makes a sound, and does it distract you from whatever you are doing? Strange noises coming from a furnace aren’t normal. If your heating unit starts to sound like an orchestra (a bad one), then it’s time to go shopping for a replacement.

Your home is too cold. And too hot. Then too cold again.

Have you started to notice that some rooms are much warmer than others? Is one bedroom constantly cold while the rest are fine? This is a warning sign that you have issues with the air ducts in your home. Most heating systems are built to distribute warm air evenly throughout your home. Different and uneven temperatures can be a sign that your heating unit needs an upgrade. You can also hire an inspector from a heating company to check your ducts. Sometimes, they may just need to be sealed or cleaned.

Your thermostat remembers the good old days.

Just as with any form of technology, thermostats have come a long way during the years. Their original design simply doesn’t do it anymore. New, programmable thermostats with extra
features can help you keep your home cozy. You will also be saving lots of energy as well. If your thermostat is old, getting an upgrade is a good investment. Your wallet will also be thanking you once the monthly energy bill comes in.

Humidity is getting you down.

If your home is having humidity problems or the air inside feels way too dry, then your heating unit might be the culprit. Old or faulty equipment can make the air feel too humid in the summer and too dry in the winter. Not only is this annoying but it can also irritate your sinuses. However, a heating system upgrade can help reduce the dryness of the air, and allowing you to breathe easier. If you have lots of porous materials like woodwork, furniture, or musical instruments, then a heating unit upgrade can help preserve these and give them a longer life.

Your heating system has more than ten years of service under its belt.

Energy Star ​states heating systems that are more than ten years old function at around 55% to 70% efficiency, but new units can achieve up to 99% efficiency. Your furnace may still be working, but investing in a new system would bring you ​big savings a​nd convenience.

If any of these problems sound familiar, then it is time to go shopping for a new heating system!

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