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Space Heater Safety Tips

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Chris Lancaster

space heater kcWhen your home gets cold, it can be tempting to do whatever it takes to warm up! Space heaters can be a great option when your primary heating system just isn’t cutting it, but in the rush to kick up the heat, sometimes, we forget about safety. Heating equipment is the second largest cause of home fires, so be smart about your heating habits. Lancaster Brothers Heating & Cooling has put together a list of safety tips to make sure you’re using your space heater the right way.

Before the Warm Up

  • If any part of your space heater is in less than tiptop shape, don’t use it. That includes the cord!

  • Check your space heater for labels indicating it has been tested for safety by a recognized, third party lab.

  • Take a moment and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Not all space heaters are the same, and it’s worth reading through your heater’s instruction manual to make sure you’re staying safe.

  • Consider whether or not a space heater is the right choice. Space heaters offer supplemental heat for your home – they’re not towel warmers or cooking appliances.

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Give Your Space Heater Space

  • Keep space heaters out of walkways, where they could trip or burn passersby.

  • Heaters must be kept at least three feet away from anything that can burn, including papers, clothing and rugs.

  • Plug any space heater into its own wall outlet – not an extension cord, which might overheat and cause a fire.

  • When you’re not using your space heater, store it safely until the temperature drops again. Storing it properly will help ensure it’s still in working order next year.

Be Prepared

  • Never leave your space heater unattended – turn it off before you leave or go to sleep.

  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, especially near sleeping areas. Make a habit of testing these detectors once a month. Find out more about the indoor air quality in your home.

  • Show everyone in your home how to properly use the space heater and remind everyone to keep flammable objects away.

  • Sit down with everyone in the household and discuss a fire evacuation plan in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry!

Heating your home correctly can be tricky, but it must always be done with safety in mind. If you’re ready to ditch the space heater, call Lancaster Brothers Heating & Cooling at (913) 837-2000 to upgrade your heating system, so next year, you won’t have to worry about space heater safety!

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