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Summer Time AC Tips

Posted on July 21, 2020 by admin

With summer right on your doorstep, now is the time to start thinking about the things you can do around the house to help keep your air conditioning unit, or HVAC, at its peak. When you work to make your home and your HVAC unit complement each other, you can save more money on your utility bill.

Below are some tips when you are dealing with the summer heat and a higher AC bill.

Focus on the Filter

The first thing to check when it comes to your HVAC unit is your air filter. Depending on your system, you may need to use a disposable type filter or a more permanent one. With a disposable filter, it’s essential to replace your air filter at least once a month. Other types of filters need to be thoroughly cleaned roughly once a month in order to keep things working effectively. You may need to clean or replace your filters more frequently if you have pets in your home or are a smoker.

Once you’ve got a fresh or newly cleaned air filter, your HVAC won’t have any dust or dirt blocking or restricting the cool air from circulating freely throughout your home.

Keep Outdoor Areas Clear

If applicable, the next thing to do is to go outside and examine your HVAC unit. You want to make sure the area is clear and free from debris. If there are any plants, branches or other items that are blocking the area or touching your air conditioner, you need to clear it away. Make sure you do not grow any shrubbery too close to the unit.

A good rule of thumb is to have an open space of around two feet surrounding your HVAC to avoid debris getting inside of the machine in the first place.

Utilize Window Treatments

If you have a lot of windows throughout your home, you may have noticed that the indoor temperature can rise significantly due to the sun penetrating through the glass. Your air conditioner then has to kick into overdrive in order to combat the quick heat up in the afternoon.

One way to battle this phenomenon is to invest in high quality window treatments, such as blinds or drapes. Putting window coverings over larger, sun-exposed areas can help prevent the afternoon buildup of heat that normally takes place in the summer months.

Clear Out Your Vents

Your HVAC unit can only work at its best if there are no obstructions to the flow of air inside of the walls of your home. Beyond having a professional go through the entire duct system, there is one easy way to check to make sure there are no visible blockages.

What you can do yourself is walk through your home and examine each vent. Clear out any dust or debris and make sure the vents in the rooms you want to use your air conditioning are open. This can help your HVAC get an even amount of coverage throughout the square footage of your property. You still might have to hire professionals to find the bigger problem.

Reduce Heat From Other Appliances

Next, it’s a smart plan to avoid using big appliances that generate heat throughout the day. If you’re cooking a large dinner, instead of assigning the job to your oven, consider using an outside cooking source like your grill. Turning on the oven can add to the extra warmth of your home and push your air conditioning unit to the limits.

These practices are not only great for promoting the health of your HVAC system, but you will also see significant energy savings too.

Consider Updating Your Unit

If you’ve tried all of these tips and your HVAC unit is still not sufficiently cooling your home, it may be time to invest in an upgraded system. An older unit may actually be costing you more money each year due to cooling loss and excess waste. Newer models of AC units are being made even more energy efficient and sometimes offer more ways to help lower energy bills.

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