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The Furnace Went Out. Now What?

Posted on November 1, 2021 by admin

The furnace plays an important role in our home and provides comfort during winters. But
due to improper maintenance, daily wear, and tear, the furnace may begin to break down
and develop problems that hamper its smooth operation. If your furnace is malfunctioning,
this article is for you! Here in the article, we have provided troubleshooting tips that you can
easily implement on your own.

Most Common Furnace Problems

There could be endless reasons which could lead to the malfunctioning of the furnace. We
have listed the most common furnace problems down below for you, so you know what the
initial signs of a damaged furnace are:

  • Dirty filters or air ducts
  • Due to wear
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Defective thermostat
  • The furnace does not heat up at all/ sufficiently
  • Frequent cycling
  • Electric ignition or pilot control problems
  • The furnace is too noisy

Whether it’s a commercial or residential HVAC, the above basic problems can set off any
furnace. But once you know the root problem, you can take proactive steps to prevent it.

Furnace Tips and Advice

If your furnace has gone out, you can resolve the problem before calling a furnace repair
expert. Scroll down and try the tips below to get your home to a comfortable and warm

Check whether the furnace is ON or OFF

The first thing to do is to check the power switch on your furnace. Most furnaces are
controlled by a power switch. It may have been accidentally bumped while cleaning or been
hit by a child or pet. If a switch is off, turn it back on and wait as there is often a delay between
the switch and the time when the furnace starts.

Check the furnace filter

Due to continued use, the furnace filters get dirty. Dirt and dust quickly clog the filter,
hampering airflow, deteriorating indoor air quality, and preventing the furnace from igniting
in some cases.

Check your circuit breakers

Whether you are using a propane or gas furnace, some components operate on electricity. If
there your furnace is not turning on, check your circuit breaker. There could be chances of it
being turned off. Also, make sure all switches in your HVAC system are “ON.”

Check your thermostat

If your furnace does not light, the thermostat may have lost its programming or reset. It can
even set it to the wrong setting. You can try by setting your thermostat about 10 degrees
warmer than the current temperature to see if the system turns on. Make sure you check
twice that it is set to HEAT.

Check furnace flame

Your furnace flame should be blue, with perhaps a small yellowish tip. The blue flame
indicates that your gas furnace is burning the fuel efficiently. If the flame color is red, purple, yellow, green, or any other, it’s time to get in touch with a professional right away. Make sure you never fix your furnace flame problem yourself.

Check your furnace pilot

Some old furnaces still have a pilot light that indicates gas and propane is flowing to your
furnace system. If this flow of gas or propane is interrupted for any reason, your furnace will
shut off to prevent gas or propane from leaking into your home.
Since your pilot is tied to your gas supply, you should speak to a qualified furnace company
to assist you with this furnace repair step.

Inspect the air ducts

Have you noticed any cold spots in your home even when hot air comes out of the air vents?
The problem could be the air ducts. First, check for handles protruding from ducts- these can
control airflow. You’ll want to make sure they’re fully open.

If some entire rooms are still cold, you may have a problem with leaky ducts or poorly
designed ducts. It is a serious problem that can increase your energy bill. To find blocked or
leaking ducts that might restrict airflow, examine all ducts that you can access. Are there any
gaps between duct sections or branching points? If yes, then you can seal them with special
metal tape. And always make sure your vents aren’t blocked by furniture or covered by items in your
home, like curtains, plants, or wall art.

Call Professionals for Help!

If you’ve implemented all of the tips above, but your furnace still isn’t working, it’s time to call
in the professionals. Repairing a furnace is not one of those projects that most homeowners
can DIY, so you must contact qualified HVAC repair technicians. First, contact a professional
HVAC technician and discuss the problem with them to find a solution for your furnace

Some Good Furnace Maintenance Habits

Furnace dysfunction can be a little stressful. If you want to make your devices, items, and
machines last as long as possible, here we have mentioned some tips to maintain your furnace
and keep it in tip-top shape.

• Clean your furnace air filters regularly
• Check your furnace air ducts
• Clean the area around your furnace
• Confirm carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working
• Confirm Thermostat functions

Closing Words
Watch for signs that your furnace is struggling so you know when to call, as attempting to
repair your furnace yourself can have major health and safety consequences. So, it is better
to hire a licensed and certified HVAC such as Lancaster Brothers to resolve mechanical
problems related to the furnace

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