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How To Minimize Strain On Your Air Conditioner This Summer

Posted on June 8, 2022 by admin

Your air conditioner works hard, especially in the hot summer months. Keeping your home cool when the temperature heats up can really put a strain on your A/C unit. It’s important to take care of yours by adopting some household maintenance habits that will help keep your system functioning properly all summer long and will save you money on energy costs as well! Read on for some helpful tips on how to minimize strain on your air conditioner this summer, brought to you by Lancaster Brothers Heating and Cooling.

A/C Time Management

Of course, no matter what time you run your air conditioner in summer, it’s going to cause strain on your unit. But running it at full blast midday, when temperatures are at their peak and everyone else is running their air conditioners, will cause more strain than using it early in the morning or later in evening hours.  Running your air conditioner during off-peak times will not only help minimize strain on your system, but also save you money. Another tip that is beneficial for your A/C unit is to choose a temperature that is comfortable – many industry pros recommend 75 degrees – and keep your thermostat set, rather than switching the thermostat’s temperature up and down throughout the day. When the thermostat fluctuates up and down regularly, your A/C unit has to work harder.

Become A Fan Of Fans

Another simple tip to help ease your air conditioner’s burden is to recruit the help of fans. If you have ceiling fans in your house, make sure you have them on, especially during the peak temperatures, to help keep the air circulating and cool.  At night, when temperatures are cooler, opening windows in rooms where you have fans will help bring in some of the cool night air and can give your A/C unit the night off.

Use Your Window Treatments

Window treatments aren’t just for looks! They can also be utilized in the summer months to help reduce heat. Having window treatments like blinds and curtains that close helps keep heat out when the temperatures are hot. Notice if your home receives direct sunlight at certain parts of the day and try to reduce the amount of heat coming in by closing your blinds, curtains, or both. Sun blocking window tinting film is another great way to reduce the heat. It is easy to install and inexpensive and can really make a difference by blocking direct sunlight and therefore reducing the amount of heat coming through the windows.

Hit The Off Switch

Unnecessary lights are another contributor to air conditioner strain in summer. Get in the habit of turning off lights when you leave the room, and make sure your family members are practicing this habit as well. Turning off unnecessary lights, lamps and electrical appliances reduces strain on your system and gives it more time for cool-down periods. Indoor cooking, television, laptops, and other electrical devices produce a lot of heat, making air conditioners work even harder. By being aware of the extra heat that these devices can produce, and by being diligent about minimizing unnecessary heat and usage, you can reduce your home’s temperatures and save money on energy costs at the same time!

Keep Your Filters Clean

Your air conditioner will run more efficiently and be less likely to break down if you keep it clean. As a general rule, filters should be replaced approximately every three months, or when recommended by the filter manufacturer. Under certain conditions, though, they can become clogged after just a few weeks. If your filters are in bad shape, replace them as soon as possible. You may also want to consider purchasing an indoor air purifier, which will take some load off your A/C system’s filter. It’s important that all of your equipment is clean and running smoothly so that they won’t cause unnecessary wear on any moving parts or make your air conditioner run inefficiently, having to work through dust and grime deposits. To check if your filters are due for changing, pop out the existing air filter and hold it up to a light. If you can see through it, it still has some life left in it. If, however, you can’t see through the filter, it’s time to replace it.

Professional Maintenance

While the tips mentioned previously are going to be helpful in reducing your air conditioner’s strain during the hot months, your unit is a big piece of machinery and does require regular maintenance by a professional HVAC expert. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can ensure that your unit will run efficiently and smoothly, and potentially save yourself a lot of money in expensive repairs.

A professional HVAC company can provide maintenance for your A/C unit, as well as diagnose and remedy any existing issues that may be lurking in your home’s system. To schedule your air conditioner’s maintenance, call the experts at Lancaster Brothers Heating & Cooling, serving the Kansas City area for over 21 years. No one does heating & cooling better than we do! We also offer our Maintenance Club, which can save you money and takes the hassle out of scheduling regular maintenance. By sticking with a regular HVAC maintenance schedule you can virtually eliminate HVAC breakdowns and emergency repairs. give us a call at (913) 851-3399 or request a service visit on our website today.

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